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Malinois eyes

Belgross Xena

Malinois female

Born: 2005-03-04
ED: 0

BIS-2 Specialty Denmark
BIS-3 Specialty Norway

Malinois female Malinois female
Malinois female
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Malinois puppy



The hair is very short on the head, the outer sides of the ears and the lower part of the legs. It is short over the rest of the body and fuller at the tail and around the neck where it forms a collarette or ruff which begins at the base of the ear, stretching as far as the throat. As well, the back of the thighs is fringed with longer hair. The tail is ear of corn shaped, but does not form a plume.

In all the varieties the hair must always be dense, close-fitting and of good texture, with the woolly undercoat forming an excellent protective covering.


Only fawn with black overlay and with black mask. The black overlay means that the hairs have a black tip which shades the base colour. This blackening is in any case “flamed” and must not be present in great patches nor in real stripes (brindled). For all varieties: a small amount of white is tolerated on forechest and toes.

The mask must be very pronounced and tend to encompass the top and bottom lip, the corners of the lips and the eyelids in one single black zone. A strict minimum of six points of skin pigmentation is called for: the two ears, the two upper eyelids and the two lips, upper and lower, which must be black.