Our ambition

To breed healthy and happy puppies in accordance with the breed standards while supporting the development of the gene pool.

Malinois and Groenendael females

Our dogs

Here you will find collected information about our dogs. We currently have 6 dogs living at home, One Groenendael, one Tervueren, one Malinois, two Shiba and one Shikoku. We also have a couple of dogs on breeding terms.

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Tervueren female puppy

Puppy plans and current litter

Here you will find information about our breeding plans and current litters of puppies. We are planning for Belgian Shepherd puppies autumn 2024. Our first two Shiba litters were born February/March 2024. Zumi gave birth to two females and one male, all red. Father is lovely Takahiro Smollis-San (Toshi). Shine gave birth to one red female and one black and tan female. Father is lovely Sutamuroku Youuto (Akimo).

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Selected Belgian shepherds from Kennel Kiosan's

Previous litters

Here you will find information about our previous litters. We had our first litter of Belgian Shepherd puppies in 1997 and our first Shiba litter was born early 2024.

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Here you will find the latest news, everything from planned litters, health results, pictures, etc.

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Tervueren female head

Belgian Shepherd

The Belgian Shepherd is a mediolineal dog, harmoniously proportioned, combining elegance and power, of medium size, with dry, strong muscle, fitting into a square, rustic, used to the open air life and built to resist the frequent atmospheric variations of the Belgian climate. Through the harmony of its shape and its high head-carriage, the Belgian Shepherd should give the impression of that elegant strength which has become the heritage of the selected representatives of a working breed. The Belgian Shepherd is to be judged in its natural stance, without physical contact with the handler.

FCI standard for Belgian Shepherds
Shiba female standing


Small-sized dog, well balanced, well boned with well developed muscles. Constitution strong. Action quick, free and beautiful. The ratio of height at withers to length of body is 10 : 11. The temperament is faithful, with keenness in sense and high alertness.

FCI standard for Shiba
Young Shikoku female


A medium-sized dog with well balanced and well developed clean cut muscles. It has pricked ears and a curled or sickle tail. Conformation : strong, well-boned and compact. The ratio of height at withers to length of body is 10 : 11. A dog of marked endurance, keen in sense with a naive feeling, energetic and highly alert; an enthusiastic hunter; docile towards his master.

FCI standard for Shikoku