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Malinois eyes

Yakida de la Terre Sauvage

Groenendael female

Born: 2017-09-21
ED: 0

Groenendael female Groenendael female Groenendael female Groenendael female Groenendael female Groenendael female
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Groenendael puppy



The hair is short on the head, the outer side of the ears and the lower part of the legs, except on the rear side of the forearm which is covered from elbow to wrist by long hairs called fringes. The hair is long and smooth on the rest of the body and longer and more abundant around the neck and on the forechest, where it forms a collarette or ruff and a jabot or apron. The opening of the ear is protected by thick tufts of hair. From the base of the ear the hair is upright and frames the head. The back of the thighs is covered with very long abundant hair forming the culottes or breeches. The tail is furnished with long, abundant hair forming a plume.

In all the varieties the hair must always be dense, close-fitting and of good texture, with the woolly undercoat forming an excellent protective covering.


Only uniform black, reddish tinges in the coat and grey breeches are not desired. For all varieties: a small amount of white is tolerated on forechest and toes.